Benefits My Clients Experience:

They achieve a clear roadmap to becoming their ‘best’ selves.

They’re becoming a better person which empowers them to be a better parent.

They feel relieved knowing their own limitations will no longer get in their way.

They become an inspiring role model for the children in their lives.

And Their Children Get:

Love, guidance and an inspiring example for what their lives can become.

Articles from Elena:

Eye test

20/20 Vision: through the eyes of compassion

“Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances”  – Wayne Dyer How many times have you made an assumption about someone based on what you saw or heard? Someone did something or said something and immediately you reacted and drew a conclusion. We tend to look at  …read more.

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In order for your life to change…

In order for your life to change, YOU must change! Your life is a reflection of everything you hold as true, your thoughts your beliefs and therefore what you DO, all shape your life. Understanding that connection and making the changes necessary in thoughts and beliefs, you create the basis  …read more.

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The games people play

Reality Check – Games People Play

Reality check (the monopoly game) The Game – explained Start here Look your best, act your best. Pick the brightest, flashiest or most sophisticated game piece. Whatever you do, make sure you fit in with all the other players. Act as if you know how to play the game, look  …read more.

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